Timeline for Aloha Concert

ALOHA CONCERT – Saturday, May 11
3:00pm – Tarp, sound, decoration crew reports.
5:00pm – Reporting time for ALL STUDENTS.  Set up chairs, podium, stands, all percussion
5:30pm – Symphonic Band warm up, tuning, sound check.
6:15pm – Concert Band warm up, tuning, sound check.
6:30pm – Doors open.
7:00pm – Concert begins.
9:00pm – Approximate end time.  No one is allowed to leave until dismissed by Mr. Wasano.
9:30pm – Approximate dismissal time.

Remember that we are saying “thank you” to our Seniors.  They should not be doing excessive labor during setup and cleanup.  Make sure all you underclassmen work hard to make this night special for them.