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It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Remo D Belli, our beloved founder and leader. An innovator, pioneer and icon of the world of percussion, he was an inspiration to us all for breaking new ground and making a difference in the world. Remo was a visionary. In 1957, he invented the first successful synthetic drumhead which forever changed the sound of music of all genres. He committed himself and his company to providing drummers, the world over, with quality products and programs while striving to expand the acceptance of rhythm and in particular drumming as an integral component of an individual’s wellbeing. Through his ongoing efforts, the professional, the enthusiast, children, the elderly, those at risk and those faced with both emotional and physical challenges have been brought the joy of drumming. We mourn his passing and he will be missed by people in all walks of life. His spirit lives on and we will continue to pursue his vision of making drumming available to everyone alive. We will miss you. Rest in peace, Remo remo.com/remobelli

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To all students participating in the charity walk, Jamba Juice, and Takamiya fundraisers...

Jamba Juice card money WAS due on 4/14.

Takamiya plate lunch money is due today, 4/22.

Charity walk money is also due today, 4/22.

Please turn in all fundraising money on time to ensure that you receive credit. Also keep in mind that all late money is considered financial obligations. Thank you!
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We proudly present our 2016 production, "Beyond the Light - A Tribute to Myron Rosander"

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Just a reminder for all returning and new marching band students, there is a mandatory parent meeting tomorrow, April 19th, at 6:30pm in the gym. Returning members should be prepared to make a deposit for the Fall 2016 Oʻahu trip. ... See MoreSee Less

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I apologize for the late notice, but Symphonic Band rehearsal has been cancelled today. We will resume on Monday, 4/18. ... See MoreSee Less

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Current band seniors!

Applications for our annual James Kidoguchi Scholarship are available! We will be presenting up to 5 scholarships worth $500 each.

1) Must have participated in the Maui High Band Program every year you attended Maui High School.
2) Must be eligible for graduation.
3) Must complete an application, following all instructions.

1) Musical Achievement: Improvement and level of attainment.
2) Attitude: Classroom conduct and enthusiasm.
3) Participation: Participation in band activities.
4) Leadership: Leadership displayed in supporting the band.

Please see Mr. Wasano for an application. Deadline is Monday, May 2. No late applications will be accepted.
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All students participating in the Jamba Juice card fudraiser, all money is due tomorrow, 4/14.

Takamiya plate lunch money is due next Friday, 4/22.

Charity Walk contributions are also due next Friday, 4/22.

Please keep in mind that all late money is considered financial obligations.
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Amazing. No heroes, no overplaying. ... See MoreSee Less

Carolina Crown - brass section warming up before a show...

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