Wednesday, November 5 Timeline

Our annual “Maui Marching Festival” will be held on Wednesday, November 5.  The following is the timeline for that day:

Guard is excused from period 7 (12:00-1:00pm). Please use lunch/recess to get situated and prepped.
12:00pm – Guard starts prepping
1:00pm – School over, all students report to band room
1:15pm – Load trucks
2:00pm – Snack
3:00pm – Dress, get ready
3:45pm – Full band meeting
4:00pm – Bus pickup
4:15pm – Arrive at stadium, unload, get situated in stands
5:00pm – Start warmup
5:30pm – Senior meeting
6:00pm – Show starts
8:00pm – Approximate show end time, load equipment, load buses
8:30pm – Bus departs stadium
8:45pm – Bus returns to MHS, unload and air out uniforms