Silent Auction – Donation Request

Dear Band Parents,

As you may know, we are having a fundraiser dinner “Parade of Dreams Gala” on July 26 to help defray the travel expenses for the upcoming Rose Parade trip. A major event during the dinner will be a Silent Auction where the participants can bid on a wide variety of merchandise and services.

From band parent meetings earlier this year, one of the keys to the success of this trip is parents volunteering at least 30 hours of their time. We would like to give you the opportunity to receive credit towards your 30 hours through this event. We are asking parents to look to their employers (or any other businesses) to see if they can donate towards the Silent Auction. Items that we are looking for include art/collectibles, jewelry, hotel stays, and gift certificates for services, activities, or merchandise. You will receive credit toward your 30 hours in portion to the fair market value of the donation.

If, upon asking, someone does want to donate an item, they may either complete the attached donation form or complete one online. If they choose to complete the attached form, please be sure they write in the detailed description section, “credit goes to your child’s name”. If they complete the form online at (click on Silent Auction), have them write “credit goes to your child’s name” in the description section of the form. Please try your best to collect the item and deliver it to Mr. Wasano at the bandroom.

Should you have any questions,please feel free to contact the Silent Auction committee listed

Thank you,

Silent Auction Committee

Download a copy of this cover letter:  Silent Auction Cover