Carl’s Jr. & Green Burrito Coupon Booklets – $5.00 each

Carl’s Jr. & Green Burrito will again be participating this year with the fundraising efforts of the MHS Band Booster Club. As you already know, offsetting this year’s mainland travel cost will be an ongoing challenge throughout the year, and hopefully this booklet can help everyone in the process. This program is voluntary, but can benefit all that need to find ways to lower costs. We can all use that!

These fundraising booklets that retail for $5, have over $13 in free food, as well as over $89 in additional discounts. This is over a $100 value. Offers are valid through 12/31/2015, and they are also good at any participating restaurants on the mainland.

Students will be selling these booklets to family, friends, and the general public, and will receive 100% credit for each book sold credited to their Rose Parade account. Carl’s Jr. is donating the booklets, and donating all food redeemed from the coupons.

We would like to start distribution after band practice on June 16th, 2014. The beginning allotment is 10 booklets per student. As a bonus, we will be giving one free booklet per family to use when the initial distribution is made (sometimes it’s easier to sell when you have tried the coupons yourself). After you sell your first 10 booklets, you may turn in the money to get another additional 10 booklets. There is a limited initial supply. Those participating that need additional books may have the allotment of the students not participating on a first come, first serve basis after June 30th. Again, this is a voluntary program, and you can earn as much as you are willing to put in.We are able to reorder if the need warrants in the future. Any questions or additional booklets needed?  You can just text me at 264-1059, or email me at