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Saturday’s Rehearsal at Kamehameha

The following is the timeline for this Saturday’s rehearsal at Kamehameha School. No need to bring lunch. The booster club will be providing lunch for all members that day!

8:30am – All students report and load trucks.
9:15am – Bus pickup
9:45am – Arrive at Kamehameha, unload
10:00am – Rehearsal block 1
1:00pm – Lunch (provided)
2:00pm – Rehearsal block 2
5:00pm – Rehearsal over, load
5:15pm – Bus pickup
5:45pm – Return to MHS, unload
6:00pm – Dismissal and parent pickup

Make sure you bring all your necessary rehearsal equipment and water jugs!

Meeting Reminder!


On Wednesday, December 10, we have a very important trip meeting at 6:30pm in the MHS cafeteria. This includes all students and their parents, all alumni and their parents, and all tag alongs. This meeting is mandatory.

In addition, all tag alongs have a short meeting prior to the full meeting at 5:30pm in the cafeteria to discuss some very important things.

Please spread the word and make sure you are there!

Wind Players Excused Early on 11/4

We will be excusing our wind players a little early tomorrow to be able to focus on our percussion and guard:

1:00pm – Full rehearsal over
-Perc & Guard lunch
-Winds are to clean their instruments and have them inspected and play tested before being excused.

Perc & Guard will be continuing after lunch until 5:00pm as usual.

Thank you for being flexible with the schedule.

The Next Two Weeks…

Please be aware of the adjusted schedule for the next two weeks.

Monday, November 3:
No school, rehearsal 3:15-5:30
Guard starts at 1:00pm

Tuesday, November 4:
No school, rehearsal 10am-5pm

Wednesday, November 5:
Regular school day,
Maui Marching Festival

Thursday, November 6:
Regular school day,

Saturday, November 8:

Monday, November 10:
Regular school day,

Tuesday, November 11:
No school, rehearsal 10am-5pm

Sincerest Gratitude…

On behalf of the Maui High School Band, I would like to express our sincerest gratitude to our Administrators, Security, Teachers, Staff, and the Maui Police Department for responding quickly to keep our students safe.

As a reminder, here are Maui High School’s lock down procedures:

  • Remain in the classroom.
  • If in transit, report to the nearest classroom immediately.
  • Sign in on the attendance sheet.
  • Keep windows closed and doors locked, keep lights off.
  • Remain quiet and calm.
  • Follow all directions given by supervising adult.
  • Students in the library will need to retreat to the back rooms as instructed by the adult in charge.

One of the most important points is to make sure your cell phones are off.  Any communication outside of OFFICIAL communication will not help our situation, whatever it may be.  Rumors and false information will only escalate the situation, and that is the last thing we need.

Also, parents should not be coming to campus during a lock down.  Parents’ presence will only make things difficult for trained personnel to execute their jobs.

Mr. Wasano