Monthly Archives: June 2013

Time Changes for Tue/Fri Rehearsals

Rehearsals on Tuesdays and Fridays will be from 2:00pm to 5:00pm.  Reviewing our accomplishments from this past week, we need to ramp up our game in order to be ready for our clinicians by July camp.

Thank you for being flexible, and please spread the word.

Football Schedule Posted

Check our online calendar at I have added the football game dates. More detailed information about reporting times and when we’ll be marching will be announced very soon.

Keep checking the calendar for the most recent updates!

Movement 2 Sound File Updated

Students, please check the “Members” section of our website for an updated version of our Movement 2 sound file.  The only difference should be that the simplified woodwind feature is now included.

Go practice “karaoke style”.

Full Rehearsals Start 6/25

As a reminder, all sections are to begin reporting tomorrow for our regular rehearsals. Tuesdays & Fridays from 3-5pm.

Section leaders, make sure you coordinate any other practices and let Mr. Wasano know what’s going on.

Come prepared to start marching!

Trip Deposit Update

We have 80 out of 115 submitted. Better, but still 35 short.

Section leaders, please talk with your students and emphasize the importance of these deposits. We will also be making phone calls home.

Thank you very much to all of you who have submitted your deposits!

73/115 Students Have Submitted Deposits

Looking a lot better. 73 out of 115 students have submitted deposits for our Oahu trip.

Those of you who have not submitted a deposit, please need to speak with Mr. Wasano immediately. We need to determine if we will have enough students to actually make this trip happen or not.

Oahu Trip Deposits Due TOMORROW 6/17!

To all Marching Band & Color Guard members!

The deadline for Oahu Trip deposits is TOMORROW, June 17! Make sure you mail in your completed contract along with $120.00 directly to Seawind Tours & Travel. Mr. Wasano does not accept any payment. Again, it is crucial that all members make the trip! Remember that all upcoming fundraising credits are applicable to the trip. Please make sure you put your deposits in so that we have an accurate count of participants.

If you need the trip contract, itinerary, and/or credit card payment form, please go to the “forms” section of the band website at Thank you!