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Sincerest Gratitude…

On behalf of the Maui High School Band, I would like to express our sincerest gratitude to our Administrators, Security, Teachers, Staff, and the Maui Police Department for responding quickly to keep our students safe.

As a reminder, here are Maui High School’s lock down procedures:

  • Remain in the classroom.
  • If in transit, report to the nearest classroom immediately.
  • Sign in on the attendance sheet.
  • Keep windows closed and doors locked, keep lights off.
  • Remain quiet and calm.
  • Follow all directions given by supervising adult.
  • Students in the library will need to retreat to the back rooms as instructed by the adult in charge.

One of the most important points is to make sure your cell phones are off.  Any communication outside of OFFICIAL communication will not help our situation, whatever it may be.  Rumors and false information will only escalate the situation, and that is the last thing we need.

Also, parents should not be coming to campus during a lock down.  Parents’ presence will only make things difficult for trained personnel to execute their jobs.

Mr. Wasano

Wednesday, November 5 Timeline

Our annual “Maui Marching Festival” will be held on Wednesday, November 5.  The following is the timeline for that day:

Guard is excused from period 7 (12:00-1:00pm). Please use lunch/recess to get situated and prepped.
12:00pm – Guard starts prepping
1:00pm – School over, all students report to band room
1:15pm – Load trucks
2:00pm – Snack
3:00pm – Dress, get ready
3:45pm – Full band meeting
4:00pm – Bus pickup
4:15pm – Arrive at stadium, unload, get situated in stands
5:00pm – Start warmup
5:30pm – Senior meeting
6:00pm – Show starts
8:00pm – Approximate show end time, load equipment, load buses
8:30pm – Bus departs stadium
8:45pm – Bus returns to MHS, unload and air out uniforms

Symphonic Band Rehearsals & Performances

The following are the dates and times for our Symphonic Band rehearsals and performances for November and December:

17, Monday – 3:15pm to 5:00pm
20, Thursday – 3:15pm to 5:00pm
24, Monday – 3:15pm to 5:00pm

1, Monday – 3:15pm to 5:00pm
4, Thursday – 3:15pm to 5:00pm
6, Saturday – Performance at Maui Mall, 7:00pm
8, Monday – 3:15pm to 5:00pm
11, Thursday – 3:15pm to 5:00pm
13, Saturday – Performance at Queen Kaahumanu Center, 7:00pm
15, Monday – 3:15pm to 5:00pm
16, Tuesday – Performance at MHS Gym w/ Maui Waena, 7:00pm

No Absences Allowed!

Dear Parents,

At this crucial time, and especially since we are losing a rehearsal on Saturday, I will not be allowing any student to miss any rehearsal next week.  Missing a rehearsal will result in your child not performing at Homecoming on October 25.

Since the start of the school year, we still have not had 100% attendance at any rehearsal.  I cannot understand how this can be, given the magnitude of what we are trying to have your children accomplish.

Parents, I pleaded with you to schedule appointments for non-rehearsal days, and to not pull your child out from rehearsals for parties and other social events.  During rehearsals, our students need to be able to trust that the people next to them are marching their spot and playing their parts 100%. Anything less is leaving it up to chance.  Every rehearsal is vital.  Every note they play is scrutinized.  Every step they take is measured.  Every swing of their flag is timed.

We have a very curious public waiting to see what this band can accomplish on October 25.  Don’t leave the quality of our performance up to chance.

Mr. Wasano

EDIT: It was brought to my attention that there is ACT on Saturday. Obviously, you are excused for that.

Football and Saturday Rehearsal Cancelled!

Dear Students & Parents,

Due to the possibility of really bad weather, our school administration has cancelled all school events this weekend.  I have taken this a step further and am canceling our performance at the football game on Friday night as well.

So, to clarify, we will not be performing at the football game on Friday 10/17, nor will we be rehearsing on Saturday 10/18.

Please understand that we are losing a vital rehearsal day one week before our Homecoming performance.  I expect all of you to take your instruments and equipment  home to practice.  We cannot afford to have another setback like we did during Fall break.

We do have rehearsal tomorrow, 10/16.  Please be ready to work hard.

Mr. Wasano

Busy, busy!

We have some important events coming up over the next couple of weeks leading into Homecoming. Please make sure to stay on top of your schedules so that conflicts are avoided.

Friday, October 17: FOOTBALL GAME at King Kekaulike HS
5:00pm – Report to band room / loading – Bring jacket!
5:30pm – Bus pickup
6:00pm – Arrive at KKHS
7:00pm – Game start time
9:30pm – Approximate game end time, load buses, depart KKHS
10:00pm – Approximate arrival time at MHS
*Those of you who live up-country: If you will be meeting us at KKHS, please provide signed parental permission asap.

Saturday, October 18: Recruitment/Rehearsal w/ MWIS
8:30am – Reporting time at band room
9:00am – Recruitment/rehearsal begins
12:00pm – Recruitment/rehearsal ends – Lunch break (bring your own as usual)
1:00pm – MHS only: Afternoon rehearsal block begins
5:00pm – Rehearsal over
*Be good hosts. These students are the future of our program, and we want to make sure they feel welcome and included in all activities.

Friday, October 24: Teacher Institute Day performance
7:45am – Reporting time at band room
8:30am – Short performance
8:45am – Clean up, students are excused
*Black polos, jeans, shoes

Saturday, October 25: Homecoming!
10:00am – Rehearsal
1:00pm – Rehearsal over, guard start prepping
3:30pm – All members report
5:00pm – Photos?
5:30pm – Bus pickup
5:45pm – Arrive/unload
6:00pm – Set up in bleachers
7:00pm – Game start time
8:00pm – Approximate performance time
9:30pm – Approximate game end time
10:30pm – Approximate return time to band room