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Rehearsal location change for Saturday, 12/20!

Due to circumstances beyond our control, rehearsal on Saturday, 12/20 will NOT be at Kamehameha School.  We will be at Maui High School, as usual.  Rehearsal will be from 10am to 5pm as usual.  Students do not need to report at 8:30am for loading.

Students and alumni, please spread the word so that no one shows up to Kamehameha.  Thank you.

Lunch will still be provided.


Our first marching camp was five months ago. Although the end is near, you should never forget the hard work it took to get you this far. It’s been an incredible journey, and the best is yet to come.

Keep each other safe, and encourage your friends to make the right choices. Some of you are faltering, and need to be reminded that people are always watching. Have the integrity to do what is right, even when you think no one is watching.

Thanks / Stats

Thank you for your attendance at this past Saturday’s Symphonic Band performance at QKC!  Thank you if you supported us in our Panda Express fundraiser as well!

Check out the counter on the right…  Here are some stats:

4 Maui rehearsals left.
We leave for our tour NEXT FRIDAY (11 days left)
2 California rehearsals
16 days until Bandfest
17 days until the Disneyland Parade
18 days until the Rose Parade

More numbers:
Estimated 2013 Maui Population: 160,000
Number of people attending the Rose Parade in 2014: 700,000
Individual viewers on TV in 2014: 54,800,000
International viewers on TV in 2014: 25,000,000


Due to an oversight, Mr. Wasano did not communicate with the Concert Band members about your uniform fees for this school year.  Students have already received their uniforms.

Fees are $75.00, and is due on February 1, 2015.

Sorry for the miscommunication!


This is your final official reminder:

5:30pm – Tag Along meeting in the cafeteria
6:30pm – Final LA/Pasadena trip meeting in the cafeteria

There were some important forms to fill out, both online and paper…
Tag Alongs:
-Adult trip online emergency form (emailed to Tag Alongs by Seawind)

-Online medical form (emailed to students by your section leaders)
-Official Rose Parade medical emergency form (must be completed for participation in parade)
-School permission form (must be completed for participation on our trip)

Make sure you have these at the meeting. If you are not able to complete these forms online, make sure you bring your medical card/information to the meeting. We will have a computer set up for you to use to input the information.

Official Rose Parade Photos – Jolesch Photography

We are taking orders for official photos of our band by Jolesch Photography:

1) Group photo in front of the Rose Bowl for $25 each.
2) High camera shot of our band on the parade route for $15 each.

Please complete this Order Form and submit with payment at our MANDATORY TRIP MEETING on Wednesday, December 10 at 6:30pm in the cafeteria.  Make checks payable to “Maui High Band Booster Club”.